Albert Robbins III

Las Vegas, NV Desktop Support Analyst, Print Server Administrator, Book Reviewer, Author Interviewer, Blogger

Free Book Reviews is a blog that reviews indie books, interviews indie authors and generally talks about whatever amuses them in the literary world. If you are an author please feel free to submit your book for review and/or an author interview. If you are a reader feel free to check out any book listed on our blog. In any case please share this blog with as many people as you can!   Free Book Reviews Author RJ PalmerGreat Indie Reads   #supportindieauthors #indiepromotion #indiereviews #freebookreviews #indieauthors FREE BOOK REVIEWS ON FACEBOOK  Author RJ Palmer on Smashwords Author RJ Palmer on Amazon Kindle Follow: @draguainedreams  @AuthorRJPalmer @greatindiereads

  • Desktop Support
  • Print Server Administration
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  • Book Reviews
  • Author Interviews
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