Elizabeth Colley

Nottinghamshire, England, UK Professional Visual Artist/Designer/Writer

I am a professional visual artist working in the field of Fine Arts.   My practice is integrated with my work as a designer and writer. Although I have always been creative, my formal study began only nine years ago with Art and Design at West Nottinghamshire College, UK.  I spent two years in this wonderful old building, where I learnt the rudiments of design, photography, sculpture, pottery, art history, silk-screen printing, drawing, painting, paper making, and how to exhibit my work in a public place.  Everything was so positive, with such a lovely atmosphere to work in.  My experience here drove me to apply for University, for which I was accepted. The University of Derby, UK was a life-changing experience.  I studied Fine Art (BA Hons), which included workshops and tuition in, drawing, painting, sculpture, bronze & plaster casting, printmaking, carpentry, art history, welding, carpentry, conceptual art, movie-making & editing, exhibiting my art to the public, and much much more.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Uni, and In January 2010, I graduated after successfully completing my degree. Taking photos is an invaluable tool for my work.  It helps me to decide on composition, scale, and the impact an image has on the eye.  In today’s digital age, cameras enable photographers to confidently take hundreds, even thousands of photographs without having to worry about cost, so enabling artists like myself to indulge in getting just the right image.One of the things I really enjoy is prop making for theatre.  I have designed and made props for: Electra, Alice in Wonderland, Annie, The Witches, The Crucible, Peter Pan and various other productions.  The magic of seeing the actors on stage using the props I made, gives me a deep sense of pride. Gardening is my hobby, but also a way of life.  As an organic and wildlife gardener, I am very aware of my environment, and treasure the fact that I am lucky enough to be the temporary guardian of a small piece of this earth.  Growing plants from almost nothing, whether from seed, cuttings or root propagation is an ongoing cycle in my garden.  To put a seed the size of a grain of sand into the soil, and watch it grow into a plant, is nothing short of a miracle to me.  To find out more about my gardening life, please see my blog network at: Gardening Journal Internationalmy Google+ pageGardening Journal International - All branchesmy Google+ pageIdentify Plants, Pests & Diseasesand my Google+ communities Little BudsRIG (Recycling In Gardening)Community Gardeningand my blog mission to save dying bees at BEE SAVEDand it's Google+ pageBEE SAVED +I enjoy writing, which currently involves the upkeep of the above six blogs and their Google+ pages/communities, articles,essays on gardening, critical reviews on contemporary artworks and editing for other people.  I am interested in so many things, I know I will never get bored.    

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