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The Mind, Body, & Soul Specialist

I'm a Jesus The Messiah follower. I love 1st - God, 2nd - my husband, 3rd - family, 4th - friends, and the rest comes afterward. I love to help people by praying for them, encouraging and supporting them. I'm also a Biker Chic with my husband the biker d00d. I love nature and life in general. I love photography. I aspire to be a great photographer someday. I look for the beauty around me to shoot as a memory of my life's journey. I'm a bit quirky and weird. It's just me!--------------------------I'm an art therapist and Biblical Life Coach in CA State. I focus on whole wellness. I have a Google Page you can check out. My business name: A New Life Oasis. I've been health-minded since I was a child. I'm still learning. Learning is a lifelong process.--------------------------A member of the Google Community for Behind the Lens Photo Critiquing.

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