Kimberly Hayworth

San Francisco Bay Area Instructional Designer

I'm an Instructional Designer in the Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning at Stanford University.Lately, I've been doing mini-documentaries of projects with an emphasis on how our technology-enhanced learning spaces are used. I've also been thinking about how we might design a Cohesive Open Educational Learning System. I'd love your input and feedback: Disclaimer: The views expressed by me are mine and not my employer's.5 Random Facts About Me:1. Speak 3.25 languages 2. Have a deep and abiding love of puns 3. Xbox Gamer4. Believe that Border Collies can be evil geniuses if not engaged in work or play5. Love listening to geeks talk tech My native language is English (American, Silicon Valley Dialect ;) but I'm fluent in French, can get around fairly well in Spanish and have the vaguest recollection of Russian from college...though can still transliterate Cyrillic.

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