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- ancora imparo- I am Ferocious Verity- Amor meus amplior quam verba est.- I only make public posts in emergency situations. - Apparently, an leap of faith is required in order to love me. - I think beards are very important- I am a Solitary Humanist Universalist with Buddhist Tendencies. I do not worship gods of any sort. I am a Polyatheist in that respect.I am not available for conversion at this time. I will not respond kindly to these efforts. Thank you for your consideration.----------------------------------------------------------------------------I want to try and establish exactly what this passion is, whose every genuine manifestation is characterized by beauty.There are four different kinds of love:1. Passionate Love. This was the love of the Portuguese nun, that of Heloise for Abelard, of the captain of Vesel, and of the gendarme of Cento.2. Mannered Love, which flourished in Paris about 1760, and which is to be found in the memoirs and novels of the period; for exapmle those of Crebillon, Lauzun, Duclos, Marmontel, Chamfort, and Mme d’Epinay.“A stylized painting, this, where the rosy hues extend into the shadows, where there is no place for anything at all unpleasant—for that would be a breach of etiquette, of good taste, of delicacy, and so forth. A man of breeding will know in advance all the rituals he must meet and observe in the various stages of this kind of love, which often achieves greater refinement than real love, since there is nothing passionate or unpredictable about it, and it is always witty. It is a cold, pretty miniature as against an oil painting by one of the Carrachi; and while passionate love carries us away against our real interests, mannered love as invariably respects those interests. Admittedly, if you take away vanity, there is very little left of mannered love, and the poor weakened invalid can hardly drag itself along.3. Physical Love. You are hunting; you come across a handsome young peasant girl who takes to her heels through the woods. Everyone knows the love that springs from this kind of pleasure, and however desiccated and miserable you may be, this is where your love-life begins at sixteen.4. Vanity-Love… . Vanity, a little flattered and a little piqued, leads to enthusiasm. Sometimes there is physical love, but not always, often even physical pleasure is lacking… . The happiest version of this insipid relationship is where physical pleasure grows with habit. Then memories produce a semblance of love; there is a pricking at your pride and the sadness in satisfaction; the atmosphere of romantic fiction catches you by the throat, and you believe yourself lovesick and melancholy, for vanity will always pretend to be grand passion… .Occasionally in vanity-love, habit, or despair of finding something better, results in a friendship of the least attractive sort, which will even boast of itsstability, and so on.Instead of defining four kinds of love, one might well admit eight or ten distinctions.—Stendhal, Love, 1822- I am an advocate.-Mamihlapinatapai reveler

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