Suzanne Zigo

Woolwich Township NJ Spanish Teacher

I am a circa 1970's jersey girl.  I grew up riding and competing on horses.  I went to Woodstown schools but didn't really love school until I went away to college.  I studied in Spain for a semester and I have travelled to Venezuela 3 times.  I love languages and found with my affinity for them that teaching was the best way for me to go.  I love to teach; it is really fun to work with people and to help them to like Spanish.  I took several years off from teaching to pursue my love of real estate.  After several really successful years I went back to teaching...this was right after 911...I was scared.  Shortly there after I had 2 boys...14 months apart.  To stay at home and still work I became an appraiser.  I loved appraising but after 5 years of it I didn't see the monetary return I wanted and returned to teaching.  So, here I am.  My husband works at the nuclear plant in Salem County.  We have 2 doggies who are spoiled rotten...well, we ALL are spoiled I guess.

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